Heart Aches

Come Back to Yourself.

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This is Avni’s story. Avni was a very bold and intimidating girl. In fact, her best of friends and partners were intimidated by her, or may be just paranoid. As a result of this paranoia and hesitation of talking to Avni, all her close friends and even her family to some extent, deviated away from her. She, after her breakup, decided to live alone in her shell where she didn’t meet anyone, didn’t go out and didn’t talk to anyone even. She just went to her office, did her work with a dull face all day but still managed to laugh occasionally. Her laughter reflected her pain, her voice reflected her loneliness, but only if there were people to hear all this.

One evening, she was invited to a house-party where she met a guy. The guy was too heartbroken for Avni and she, on the other hand, was too courageous for him. Only Avni knew herself and her plight from within. A plight no one could see, no one could hear. A plight which turned her agonized voice into a powerful roar. Every word Avni used to speak was fiery and rebellious. She refused to follow the societal norms and that was the one thing which that guy fell in love with. Or at least, that’s what he said all the time.

Avni started meeting him regularly and eventually got too much attached. However, she was still too afraid to declare her love for him, but she took a leap of faith and confessed. Few days later, the guy announced his marriage and Avni broke down. Her heart broke into a thousand pieces and she couldn’t even gather all those pieces. Her vision got blurred and eyes began to cry silently. Her laughter became more intense as if the agony is coming out in the form of her laughter. It became very difficult for her to smile, to cry and to sleep even. She stayed awake all night long. She wanted to get rid of her mental blockage, but she couldn’t. may be because she had soaked her feet too deep into the pool of love for that guy.
The joke is, the guy doesn’t believe her. The guy doesn’t believe the affection she displays, the feelings she expresses through her acts, the heavy heart she carries when she says, “Go get married and stay happy please… Yes, I will definitely come to your wedding…!!!”

They are indeed best friends, but if this is the intensity of sacrifices a friendship asks for, then Avni was better off with no friends. I think its time to retreat back Avni. I think its time to retreat back.!!!

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