Maturity – A Greatness.

Maturity. This is a word we hear so often, that now we have failed to even understand or comprehend the actual meaning behind it. And it happens. It is very common. The things we overdo, we often underestimate their worth. For example, when we consume alcohol too frequently, you cease to feel high. You get… Continue reading Maturity – A Greatness.

How deep is your Love ?

I do not exactly remember when and why I wrote this article. But today, casually going through the archives, I found this on my Drive. And while re-reading it, a thought came crashing to my mind like a bird crashing through an aeroplane’s engine – resulting in a blast and then ultimately, failure. Similarly, this… Continue reading How deep is your Love ?

Of Man, God and his Politics

A significant number of years ago, there was a French essayist, Montaigne, whose essays were mostly titled as “Of truth”, “Of Politics” etc. wherein he talked about the philosophies related to truth, politics, friendships, relationships etc.  Today, my article is titled Of Man, God, and Politics, so it becomes obvious what this is going to… Continue reading Of Man, God and his Politics


This image above is a black-hole. It is defined by Wikipedia as a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that no particle – not even a planet or even light radiations or electromagnetic radiations can escape from it. Everything just kind of gets sucked up into a black-hole. Now, I don’t remember exactly… Continue reading Devika.


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