God and Satan.

PC –

Has anyone of you ever stuck between the existence of God and Satan ?

Well, they exist. And they exist parallely.

Where there is God, there is Satan and vice versa. But do we believe that ? 

We believe that where there is God, there can be no Lucifer…and where is Satan, God is not there. 

But it’s not totally true. I mean it’s not a tried and tested formula, but in my purest of opinions, i think, God is everywhere but Satan isn’t.

He can’t be. Because his paths are away from God not close to him. 

In mostly all the movies, we see the defeat of the evil entity through exorcism i.e. casting out evil with the HELP OF GOD ! 

How then we forget God in our daily lives !!! 

I think God is a fact which is inevitable. It can’t be proved that God exists and it can’t be proved that he doesn’t. 

But what can be understood and followed is that we should respect Satan as much as we respect God. Because with a villian, there is no hero. Without an antagonist there is no protagonist. There is no “DARR” without ShahRukh Khan..!!!

Think about it !


The Masks Come off ..!!!

The Faces Unfold.

PC –

There are a lot of people in this world who claim to be someone but turn out to be the exact opposite of it. 

Like a Dr claiming to be the master of medicine, is actually worse than nurses as he doesn’t treat his patients without money.

Similarly, a scholar who is supposed to teach the society and educate them, is on the contrary himself an orthodox. 

Such variations in “The Face Value” and “The Fact Value” is actually because of their self ignorance towards their soul. I don’t know why people pretend to be someone they’re not. 

Don’t come blaring about how spiritual you are and how you heal people if you can’t handle yourself under turbulent circumstances.

If the person claiming to be a spiritual healer loses his cool of mind, then how will he heal others and commoners like us ?

Similarly, if a Dr is afraid of injections, how is he supposed to perform a surgery ? 

So it’s a kind request, kindly don’t be pretentious. The world is already full of them. 

You don’t know how to behave yourself, then don’t teach others to behave properly. 

You learn first then go out teaching stuff to people. 

Otherwise, you’re nothing but an official loser because no one gives a shit to what you say until you yourself follow it.