About the Blog


The blog “www.mywordsofcourage.com” is a personal blog created by Samina Wagla. This blog consists of all the internal and mind-boggling thoughts and emotional conflicts a normal person goes through. The blog has an overall agenda of cutting off from the cliche blogging about travel and technology and aims towards writing more about human feelings, feminism and theological subjects which everyone has but no one expresses. 

This blog is purely an opinion of the creator or author and does not intend to offend or defend anything or anyone. There is no mention of any caste or religion related controversy but just psychological realities which are rarely talked about. Kindly do not misquote any of the line(s) from the blog and post anywhere. 

The intention is purely non-offensive and is based entirely on the mentality of the author. Any connection with any person is merely an impact of the words and thoughts put up by her. 

Lastly, Samina Wagla would like to thank everyone who has shown support so far and requests the reading-audience to keep reading and supporting her initiative.