Beware! Eve is coming…


Eve, the mother of all mankind, is coming back. For years and years, we have managed to keep her in a box under the stairs. But now, finally, she has figured out a way to unlock the box and come out of it. Now the problem with her coming out of that box is, that she has lived underneath for so long, that she knows all the ways to get her things done. She knows how to give birth and she also knows how to live. If she can give birth and teach her children how to survive, then can you even imagine how much would’ve she learnt to survive on her own!

And that is the problem that the society, especially the male chauvinists need to be aware of. Men should not be scared of women, but they sure should be watchful for themselves.

If Eve can tolerate the punishment from God and can teach her daughters how to tolerate that, then can you even imagine how much she herself must have learnt!

She has emerged so strong and wounded from the box, that she broke all the shackles, bit off anyone who tried to stop or catch her and ran away towards the sunrise. The sun was rising up and got stronger and brighter as it saw Eve approaching towards it.

She ran so fast, she ran so swiftly and in a such a great direction, that she could not have stopped for anyone. She destroyed all the obstructions that came her way, she hurt her feet while running through the thorns, but she didn’t stop. And that courage of not stopping for anything in between gave her the courage that she could survive without anyone. She knows now, that she doesn’t need a manly shoulder around her neck anymore, she doesn’t need any part of that body which made her feel complete, because she is okay being incomplete. She has accepted her fate. She had two choices – either to run towards freedom, or to choose a shoulder to lean on.

She was so frustrated with living under the box surrounded with thumbnails of restrictions and thorns poked by the society, that she chose freedom instead. Her freedom led her towards a spooky, isolated, abandoned and cursed pathway, a pathway people used to frown upon, but Eve was so excited and enthusiastic about having herself back, that she struck all of them right off.

Eve is not one person. Eve is not the Eve we know. Eve is us. The Women. All of us who have lived under the box for so many years and now crave freedom. We achieved what we wanted, we got all that we wanted to and even if we haven’t reached the height of that mountain, we have learned how to climb it without fear.

Eve, my baby, you will grow. You will bloom. You have just been removed from where you were planted. But you still will bloom. And you will shine not because you want to show someone. You will shine because you are a star. Sunlight is dear to all when it gives warmth and light relief. But when sun becomes too bright, it blinds and burns.

Be like sun. Give warmth when needed. But don’t let anyone steal your heat, your warmth is a blessing, Eve. Do wonders with the warmth in you, don’t use it to burn your own desires. Eve used to burn her desires, write notes every day and burn every day, until one day she woke up, and collected the pieces of herself together and stopped burning them. She realized, that until now, what she was burning were not merely pieces of paper, but pieces of her grief, her pains and HERSELF. So, she stood up, gathered all those pieces and left the box. She ran so fast, that none of the pieces were left behind. In fact, as she ran towards light, she threw all those pieces in the air, as if releasing poison out of her body. Yes, this is Eve’s story. Yes, this is personal. But it still relates to all of us. Somewhere, we all have been collecting pieces of our own poems and tearing it down. We write, we tear it and burn it down. We cry, we fall but then, Eve reminds us of getting out of the box every time. And if she doesn’t, then always remember, Eve came out of the box in the attic after so many years, but she came out strong, stronger than ever, brighter than ever and fearless than ever.

When a woman becomes fearless, she becomes dangerous. So, beware! Eve is coming.

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