Maturity – A Greatness.


Maturity. This is a word we hear so often, that now we have failed to even understand or comprehend the actual meaning behind it. And it happens. It is very common. The things we overdo, we often underestimate their worth. For example, when we consume alcohol too frequently, you cease to feel high. You get so much used to all this, that the actual essence of it is lost.
Now, this example might be slightly unfit to explain what I am trying to explain through this article, but that’s the essence of this article. You need to be very mature in order to understand this.

So, it all started when I was watching a web series. The protagonist in the series ends up with a job he hates and faces innumerable difficulties. However, it did remind me of the difficulties I faced when I first moved to this city for my new job. 

The people felt horrible, the atmosphere was suffocating and it was very difficult to adjust to the new culture. Believe me, as I was watching the series, I could totally relate myself with that guy in the lead. And while watching him, I thought to myself, 

Why the hell is he tolerating all this?

Why is he not retaliating?

Why does he have so much endurance, or better, how does he have so much endurance?

Well, after contemplating over a series of such ‘WHYs’, I sat silently for a few minutes and again thought to myself,

Didn’t I tolerate the time I moved to this city with a new job?

Did I retaliate?

Don’t I have such endurance or better, how come I had such endurance?

And again, I got the answer to this as, “Because you are Mature now.”

Yes, I was mature. Not too mature, I still am kiddish and stubborn at times. I am still immature about certain things and certain decisions and I am still not qualified enough to be as enduring as my mother, but I am far more mature than I was a few years back.

But, I feel, sometimes that we overrun the word ‘maturity’ so much, that we conceal its true meaning. Being mature doesn’t mean you don’t react at all to anything, but it means knowing well what to react to and when. 

How can you turn the tides in your favour, or wait for nature to do that? What you do amidst that waiting period, is defined as maturity. Assume you are on a boat surrounded by harsh waves and tides. What do you do? You still try to row it? No. That would be crazy, right?

Similarly, when we are surrounded by a situation which is totally unfavourable to us, we do not succumb to stupid actions by merely blindly retaliating or confrontations, but we wait. We must wait. We must be patient. 

It is only when we learn to wait before reacting that we become mature. So, maturity is nothing, but learning to be patient.
Patience is a virtue. And so is maturity. 

A person becomes mature not with age, but with his wisdom. And when you become wise, no one can really put an age-tag on that.
There is no prescribed time to define when a person becomes wise enough. But, it is only when we learn how to be patient is when we become wise. And only when we have patience, we become mature. 

So rather than creating a bubble of misconception around the phrase ‘become mature’, learn what is maturity, teach what is maturity and preach what is maturity. Our greatness lies in how mature we are and what kind of maturity we promote. 

2 thoughts on “Maturity – A Greatness.

  1. Miss Samina W,

    The learning of article is intensely practical.

    “Being mature doesn’t mean you don’t react at all to anything, but it means knowing well what to react to and when.” – Never expected this could be true meaning of Maturity.

    Liked by 1 person

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