Of Man, God and his Politics

A significant number of years ago, there was a French essayist, Montaigne, whose essays were mostly titled as “Of truth”, “Of Politics” etc. wherein he talked about the philosophies related to truth, politics, friendships, relationships etc. 

Today, my article is titled Of Man, God, and Politics, so it becomes obvious what this is going to be about. Any person who believes he does not want to read or propagate any idea related to God – good or bad, must not go forward with reading this article today.

As it is said, let me skip to the good part. But sadly, there is no good part in this essay. It is only the truth – as seen from my eyes and as perceived by my wisdom. 

Call me a fool, an atheist, an imbecile, but I do not believe that men were created out of love by God. Men were simply created as pawns. Pawns who could speak of God in all the possible and parallel universes. Ours is a multi-galactical universe. And who knows, there might be a possibility of a multiverse. So many universes, so many Gods, so many spokespersons and so many imbeciles like me, perhaps. 

Now talking about Man. Who is a man? Who are we? Are we some pieces of mere flesh and bones, or are we what they call – his most beautiful and intelligent creations? Or are we simply a result or a repercussion of a forbidden fruit?

Well, in my view of this perfectly balanced world, we are nothing but mistresses. We are nothing but slaves. Slaves and our bondage is – Religion. 

We are bound to the shackles of religion the same way poultry is bound to the cages and criminals bound to jails. The same way cattle are bound to ropes and a horse is bound to a jockey. 

It might hurt to accept this, but we are nothing but a source of God’s entertainment. Perhaps, all the gods of all the religions on this earth are fond of politics. But certainly, it would not befit the image of God to step in the shadow of politics. So, he created us – the humans. I truly believe there is a god behind our births, our creation, but I reject the idea of believing that there was any merit or good spirit in doing so. 

God created us and gave us beautiful planets, plentiful resources like soil, water, and wind, he gave us oceans, he gave us warmth of the fire, he gave us animals to serve us and feed us and then he gave us a variety – men and women, for each other’s entertainment of course.

 God gave us the best of everything – a mind too. A beautiful yet dangerous mind. But he gave all men different minds. He gave all men different wisdoms, and he gave all men different ideas to create a divide between them and to distinguish them from each other.

With these little fragments of our own wisdom, we created our own Gods. We created our own ideas of God, our own ideas of worshipping him and our own ideas of obeying him. But he kept one thing the same – everyone worships God. None speak evil of him, lest we are devilish. 

God created human beings so that he could play his politics and keep himself entertained through us. He bestowed us all good things but kept himself always up on the podium so we shall bow and kneel before him. 

God created humans and humans created so many Gods. 

Now neither the God can identify which race of humans he had created, nor are the humans able to identify who is their God, who to worship, bow down or kneel to…

This is of men, God and politics. This. Exactly this state.

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