Speak ! Woman.

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We often hear stories and incidents of women being oppressed and subordinated by their husbands. Or women being mistreated by her in laws and her husband. May be many of us are still facing that. And as a woman, I know that all we want is for our husbands to support us if someone says something to us. Or if not husband, then at least our father is our last ray of hope.
But let me tell you, some women don’t even have that. Some women are neither supported by their husbands nor their fathers. In fact, I have seen women whose fathers support their daughter’s husband and advocate their misbehaviour. That you know why he beat you up? Because you were asking too much of him. You know why he left you? Because you were putting too many restrictions on him. You know why he doesn’t talk to you properly? because you argue and fight with him all the time.
Trust me, this is all true and it happens. I have seen it.
But after a woman is abandoned both by her husband and her father, what does she do next ? Or what is she supposed to do next? She goes to her mother obviously. But even mothers are not of any help. Because mothers are themselves the sufferers at their husband’s hands. They themselves couldn’t do anything, how are they supposed to support their daughters ? How are they supposed to save their daughters from the torture ?
They obviously cannot. And the in-laws and the husband take undue advantage of that. They keep on beating and mistreating the woman. Sometimes, even the physical intimacy becomes marital rape.
Because how is a woman supposed to love her husband if the husband is a cunt ? If the husband has always been an asshole to her? If the husband has always made her only cry and cry and cry and nothing else. If the husband couldn’t give her anything, on the contrary, kept on taking everything away from her ? Even her own parents…!!!
No woman on this Earth can love such a man. And obviously she shouldn’t. I wouldn’t.
There comes a time in a failed marriage where even sex comes to feel like rape. Trust me, when that feeling comes, its time to re-evaluate what you are putting your efforts in to.
A woman should try and evaluate if the relationship she’s suffering for is worth it or not. If the relationship is still alive or dead beat. There are times when the relationship is no longer worth keeping. There are times when the relationship is better off broken. And I don’t find a single reason why a woman sticks in the relationship. Maybe she sticks up still because her family doesn’t support her and she would have nowhere to go. Or maybe she’s sticks up because somewhere she still has a hope that the relationship might improve.
But the harsh reality my friend is – Nothing ever changes. No one is going to change themselves for you, sweetie !
You need to get up, get dressed and become the bitch they have been raising for so many days. If people think you are a trouble, then be a trouble for them. Leave everything and everyone behind and just focus on how better your life could be without this man besides you. How better your life could be without him ! And then if you get even a single smile imagining your future where he is not there, then my friend, it is time to leave. It is time to be better and brighter. It is time to be a woman again.

4 thoughts on “Speak ! Woman.

  1. So true. The reason women won’t leave maybe because she lost all her strength to even step out of the house because of all the abuse. Another reason is even your own mother and father wash their hands on you. And this is a big blow to women. Nothing worse than your own turning against you. Hope women will find strength to stand up and leave and start new


    1. Mam, really its a painful phase. But believe me, its very important to have a voice and let out the emotions inside. People die inside all the time because they’re unable to express.


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